Perfect is boring 🌈

Found this gem while scrolling and edited where it fit my life ❤️

Edited and adjusted by me …

I've been struggling with a lot of things lately, and I thought maybe writing them down and putting them out in the universe will help heal some emotional wounds and maybe help others who may be struggling, also.

I've learned a lot over the past few years. Some good things, some not so good things. But, I'm sharing them all. The good and the bad.

No matter how good you are to some people, they will turn their backs on you. They will cut you off. They will not reply. They will outright ignore you. Don't take it personally. Just keep being good to people, but guard your heart a bit more moving forward.

You're the villain in someone's story. And that's ok. They might even post about you or attempt to tarnish your name, your reputation, your business. Everyone has their truth. Stick to yours and don't try to defend yourself. Your actions speak much louder than your words ever will. 💪🏼

No matter how nice your pictures are, or how important the things you post are...some people just won't hit the like button. Because it's YOU. And they don’t like you and what you represent. The first thing people do when they are feeling a certain way about you, is stop liking anything you post. Post anyway. Share your pictures. And, your stories. They put a smile on someone's face or they might inspire someone.

Not everyone has the same heart as you. (This one I still struggle with on a daily basis.) Just because you will do it for them, doesn't mean they will do it for you. Because they won’t. They got all they needed from you and walked away and made you the bad guy. It’s ok. Rise above and keep having a big heart. The right people will cherish it.

You will be excluded. And talked about. And, it will hurt. A lot. You'll never understand why. But, you will remember the pain of being left out, and you will make sure to include everyone so no one has to feel the way that you did. Amen to this one. 🙏🏼

Your kids will be excluded or talked about it or judged. And trust me, that hurts even more. But, it's a great teachable opportunity to remind them of their #unbreakable.

When you put good out into the world, good comes back. Call it karma, or whatever you want... but, it's true. If you are kind, kindness will flood your doorsteps. I am living proof that my circle of kind people quadruples the circle of haters. And I will forever embrace my circle. They are the best people I know.

You can't be liked by everyone. PERIOD. No matter how hard you try, some people just won't like you. Because you didn’t shower them with attention or allow them to continue to behave in a way that didn’t fit your energy or because they didn’t care about your boundaries. They felt entitled. Sometimes it's from personal experience, sometimes it's from what others have told them. Once you accept that, life gets a lot easier. ❤️

Friends come and go, unfortunately. It's life. Sometimes friendships you thought would last forever, end abruptly and you're left wondering why. Stop wondering. You're never going to feel satisfied with any answer they give you. Own your part in it, learn from it, and then close that door. Seriously close the door. That chapter has ended. Allow a new one to begin and the embrace the people that have graciously entered your life expecting nothing in return.

A simple text just to see how someone is doing, can mean the world. Just to know someone is thinking about you and cares, can turn a whole day around. Send the text.

No one owes you anything.

Forgive even if you don't get an apology. You can't begin to heal while you're still holding on to the hurt. Let it hurt for a moment. Forgive, and let it go. ❤️

You're going to be too much for some people. Too loud. Too opinionated. Too much energy. Too talkative. Too pretty. Too fit. Too popular. Too quiet. Those people will never get you. Find the ones who do... and love them hard!

People are going to talk about you. Give them good material. TELL YOUR STORY OVER AND OVER and don’t be afraid to shine like the great person you are.

Extend grace to those who need it. We all struggle sometimes.

Life is tough. It's messy. And it's ugly at times. But, its also so beautiful. And exciting. And full of adventure. Chase them all!

Be a light. Don't let anyone dull your shine. You never know who may be looking to you for a little bit of joy. Be that joy.

Go outside.

Go workout.

Go on a hike.

Swim in the ocean.

Try a new restaurant.

Go somewhere you've never been.

Look at the stars.

Take the pictures.

Watch the sunset.

Take the trip.

Buy the shoes.

Help a friend.

Eat the cake (or the tacos!)