Metabolic HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss and Improved Performance

Many times clients ask me what kind of cardio machines they should be doing and how long they should do cardio to lose weight... and my answer is always this - HIIT.

In a nutshell, HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. These are short bursts of MAXIMUM intensity exercises followed by a short period of recovery. Maximum intensity, however is different for every person. We all have our own level of maximum intensity. You simply push your body to your max and recover in a period of two or three times the max interval you just performed.

HIIT training has shown to increase metabolic rate, which by the way, is the foundation for losing body fat. It has been shown to burn more calories and create more fatloss than low intensity steady state cardio aka steady jog at 4.5 for 30 minutes. More and more data in exercise science is showing us that low-calorie diets coupled with excessive low intensity steady state cardio actually decreases your metabolic capacity and sets you up for future metabolic damage and that means it is much harder to lose weight!!

So how can you change your workout to get more bang for your buck?? Try this suggested HIIT workout.... best part is you dont need any equipment to do this!!

Indoor/Home HIIT workout

25 jumping jacks 45 sec of fast feet simulated jump rope

25 jump squats drop to floor 25 bicycles

25 high knees in place 20 pushups followed by

20 burpees 10 plank pushups

4 sets no rest 5 sets no rest

10 plank push ups

5 sets

As Always - Stay Strong and #unbreakable!


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