True hunger vs Emotional Hunger

Are you hungry or are you just bored?⁣

The kid in the pic is ALWAYS HUNGRY. Truly always hungry. But he’s 15. I call him Mighty. Mighty in spirit; mighty in appetite.

But I find this is something I find myself asking clients as a follow up question to when they say “Shannon, I can’t stop snacking, help!”.⁣

With many people working from home right now (or being out of work entirely) or having had to shift their routine the last few years…I think some people are being faced with a new “challenge”.

Having access to their pantries and fridge 24/7.⁣

In a perfect world, our society wouldn’t be so food obsessed that we’d have to have this conversation, but we don’t live in a perfect world... so here we are.⁣

Now, let me be clear. Should you beat yourself up if you eat a snack? No. Should you be angry at yourself if you have a salty or sugary treat here and there? No.⁣

But, I DO think it’s incredibly important to be able to distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger.⁣

Is your stomach growling or are you just bored?⁣

Are you physically hungry or are you just trying to fill an emotional void?⁣

These are questions I often still ask myself when I find I’m being more “snacky” than usual.⁣ And usually I’m a sweet snacker if I had to choose between sweet and salty.

If you want a snack, go for it. But if you find yourself feeling guilty or upset with yourself afterward, there’s a good chance the hunger you felt was more-so rooted in boredom or emotion, than it was physical “I need food, I’m starving” hunger.⁣

Next time ask yourself some important questions that can help you navigate your “hunger”. When you reach for a snack, which questions are you answering “yes” to?🤔🤔🤔

And if you need nutritional coaching or help, reach out and message me at 7162491083. I can help you develop a plan to beat the hunger blues and reach your goals once and for all!

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