Hunger or Hangry? And why a little sign of hunger is a good thing!

After not really being hungry while eating in a deficit, one of my clients consistently dialed in her meal timing and sure enough, just a couple nights ago, she had her first experience where she had finished dinner and now wanted to go back for more.

She was hungry.

Hunger is annoying, uncomfortable and unfortunately a NORMAL PART of eating in a deficit. You must expect it, and accept it.

If you didn’t feel hungry, there would be concern of either not being in a deficit or metabolic disruption. This is what this client was dealing with and why we were happy to see that hunger coming back.

Here is an explanation and some steps that can help:

Ghrelin is our “hunger hormone”. It is produced in the gut, travels through the blood to the brain and alerts the brain you are hungry. It does this to alert you to seek out food. Ghrelin will boost the appetite, have you consume calories and store fat.

When you start to eat in a caloric deficit, you have to fight against this feeling. But for me, knowing this was normal, allowed me to move to strengthen my mindset.

But there are tricks to helping you that start in the kitchen:

✅ Follow a diet higher in protein. A simple amount to remember would be roughly 1g per pound of bodyweight. 150lbs = 150g protein.

✅ Use larger volume foods. I like to eat things like egg whites, oats, spaghetti squash, cauliflower rice, other fibrous vegetables, etc.

✅ Meals with consistent timing in between. Your body likes predictability. Hunger will still be there, but now you are more in control.

✅ Drink a gallon of water a day.

These tricks can all help, but hunger may still nag at you. This is where you have to suck it up.

Re-frame that sh*t when it comes to your view of hunger and consider it your friend:

When you feel it, know that your engines are burning and you are in control.

Shrink fat cells, shrink!

💪🏼 Shannon

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