Client Transformations


A few attributes to Shannon from her clients:

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 I refer to Shannon as my "Forever Trainer" because I hope to continue working with her FOREVER!  She motivates me to  be in the best shape I can and to continue to strive for more. I originally began working with her in yet another attempt to lose 10 pounds.  She has taught me that the scale doesn't mean much!  She has helped me change my focus from what I weigh to building muscle and proper nutrition. The results have been incredible.  My body has changed in ways I never thought possible, and the weight has come off too!!  At 56, I feel better than I have ever felt!  She pushes me!  She encourages me!  She inspires me!

Kathleen K, 56.

Boy did I need to get in shape! I have a loud voice and I’ve been told I have a big personality, so people tend to notice me in a crowd.  I didn’t like what they were seeing. On top of that, I’ve been a member of the WNY wrestling community for four decades and while I could talk the talk, I needed to get back to walking the walk. By chance, Shannon Connors entered my life as my trainer and immediately, she made a very positive impact on my life. Just looking at her, you can tell whatever it is that she does to stay in shape really works, so I knew her advice would be gold. But did I have the energy to do what she suggested?  No way, I thought. But in her friendly, confident way, Shannon gave me what I needed to give it a good try. Looking back, I now understand that the inspiring phrases she would inundate a conversation with weren’t just words, they were a force. “I don’t judge,” “This isn’t 20 years ago,” “If you could wave a magic wand, what is that you want?” helped me get going. “Trust the process,” “Trust your trainer,” “Enjoy and the journey” and “dig deep” have helped me keep going, and comments like “Hold yourself accountable” and “You did the work, I was just your tour guide,” will surely push me for years along this journey that has changed my life for the better.  I feel  I have accomplished something good and I plan to continue to improve my health and my life because I see and hear the results.  My family and close friends say I’ve never looked better. Friends I haven’t seen in a while are amazed at the transformation. I’m proud and happy right now and I really have Shannon to thank for that.

Sandy S, 54.


I met Shannon about 10 months into my weight loss journey, during a frustrating plateau period. She sat me down and told me that WE would get the journey moving forward again and WE did - celebrating both scale and non-scale victories. I was not doing it alone. She was there to support me. That was 8 months ago and she is still supporting me as I transform, physically and mentally, into a person I never thought possible. To date I have lost 118 lbs, and been taken off of blood pressure, cholesterol and antidepressant meds!


What I like best about Shannon's training style is that she is a teacher, counselor and cheerleader. She doesn't just sit by and count reps. While she does the moves with you, she is explaining why I am doing it, what muscle it targets and why it is beneficial. This not only encourages me to do the moves during non-training time but provides a distraction to do more reps (because Shannon can't count! LOL) or hold a plank longer.


Shannon educated me about the complete program - food intake in right proportions, cardio vs weight resistence training, water intake and sleep. By following her program I have dropped additional pounds and inches, and gained strength and improved my health. She has helped me to push personal boundaries to levels I never thought possible a year ago. She has helped me to gain confidence to go into any class knowing that I can try it - if I can't do it now, I will do it better with practice. I even have an appreciation for squats and am getting better with burpees, LOL!


If you are looking for someone that can help you get healthier, reach your fitness goals and provide you with the knowledge needed to sustain those goals, Shannon Connors Fitness Training is the way to go!

Shelly C

I have grown up participating in sports and always been a competitive athlete so I needed a class that was going to challenge me and make me work hard and push myself beyond my comfort zone.  No class at World Gym allowed me to do that, except for Shannon's class. It is the most amazing class I have ever taken and have never experienced anything at any other gym like Shannon's total body sculpt.

There's something to be said when someone can draw in almost 50 people 3 to 4 times a week at each one of their classes. Shannon has something special about her that I have not encountered in any other fitness instructor. She genuinely cares for each and every person in her class. She is so motivational and just a genuinely kind person.

She has truly changed my life. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, its absolutely incredible. I come from a big Italian family that loves food. I used to be the person that went to the gym maybe 3 times a week took a 60 min (not very intense class, such as zumba) and went home and ate pizza and I thought I was doing it right. At that point I weighed 140 lbs and was definitely thick in my waist area. Then one day I met Shannon and everything changed. I
was instantly drawn to her class due to her enthusiasm and great music! After the first class I was hooked. This was exactly what I had been looking for. I loved the weight lifting mixed with the high interval was amazing! After realizing how hard I was working in her classes I had an epiphany. If I worked this hard and changed my diet could I really change my body? Shannon educated me on how important strength training is especially for a woman and told me
how and what I should be eating. That day, with Shannon's help and motivation I decided I was going to do this and do it the right way. I now weigh 125 lbs and have completely changed my body. This is all because of Shannon. She has something very special about her that makes you want to push harder and be the best you can be. Its an
amazing attribute that not many people have. She is a natural born educator and leader. People love her and I know many people have stories similar to mine because of Shannon. Shannon helped it "click" for me when nobody else could. She encouraged me every step of the way. I cant say enough about Shannon, she is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. I truly am blessed and lucky to know her.

Shannon will be an amazing asset wherever she ends up and I will be right there with her. Thank you Shannon Connors for all you have done and continue to do. I cant thank you enough. Never have I gotten up at 5:30 am to workout before I met you. You have the power to ignite that spark within people and I am forever grateful for you.

Trish R

 Shannon is an excellent teacher, trainer and friend.  I have had the pleasure of knowing her in many capacities including fitness.  I have never met a more determined hard working person.  She gives 110% daily.  Her fitness classes are outstanding.  Her personality is infectious which makes any individual want to work harder.  She has given me the strength when I didn’t think possible.  I have been attending her fitness classes (Total Body Sculpt) for over 4 years.  I have followed her from each location she has taught at.  Her music and choreograph is phenomenal.  She began a program at World Gym with just a couple people and have continued to max out with numbers close to 50.  Her classes are addicting and uplifting.  People including myself had to come 30 minutes prior just to make sure we would get a spot. Not only are her classes fun, she has through all this taught me how to change and transform my body.  She is willing to go the extra mile for me as well as everyone else.  Throughout her classes her members have formed a special bond.  She has had the greatest impact on me.  Three years ago she helped me when I was lost.  My weight had soared and I needed to find some outlet.  She started training me and giving me nutrition advice, and the following year I competed in the Can Am figure competition and came in second place.  Any facility would be lucky to have Shannon.  Wherever Shannon ends up there will be 30 people right behind her.  She is enthusiastic, outgoing, informative, dedicated and the most caring and loving person you will find.  

Julie C

I started working with Shannon in August of 2013.  I had been trying to eat healthier and working out for a few months on my own, but really wasn’t getting anywhere.  My main problem was sticking with something.  I needed someone to push me beyond my comfort zone. Right from the beginning, she showed me so many new ways to work out, and got my nutrition on track.  I feel more confident in the gym.  I have the knowledge to do things on my own to reach my goals.  I actually look forward to working out now!  It’s a great stress reliever.  I feel strong, healthy, and confident.

I’ve never met a more positive person than Shannon.  She actually cares about her clients and their goals.  She inspires me every workout.  Always quick to point out the progress she sees and encouraging me along the way.  Sometimes I’m frustrated, had a bad day, feeling down on myself, and by the end of my session with her I’m ready to get right back into the swing of things. Now I’ve set new goals, and plan to continue on with help from Shannon.  My mentor, my friend.  

Angela G.

I have been in and out of gyms in the area looking for a strong support system in my ultimate goal of being fit and healthy. For the last couple of years I have dropped multiple memberships because I did not feel I fit in and did not want to pay money for a gym I did not use. Struggling with my weight and motivation to get healthy, I could not find a class or instructor that I liked enough to push me towards success. One of my friends was a devote member of World Gym, she raved and praised the gym instructor and the classes that the instructor taught. My friend stated that she had lost 10 pounds from participating in her classes, gained muscle and changed her lifestyle to a healthier one. I was envious and had to try this class for myself.


Going to the class for the first time, not knowing anyone besides my friend, I was instantly greeted by this instructor. I was welcomed to the class, introduced to many smiling faces and I was excited to see how the Total Body Sculpt class would be. While the class was going on, I had a smile on my face the entire time. Total Body Sculpt was exactly what I had been looking for, a class that challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally. During that first Total Body Sculpt class I was smiling, tearing up, and felt great listening to the positive support and words the instructor was telling all 30 individuals in her class. We were a team, working together to accomplish goals that we each had for ourselves. After that class, I told the instructor that my goal was to feel healthy through my inside and outside appearance.  The Total Body Sculpt instructor got my phone number and we messaged each other back and forth about my struggles and how I could change my lifestyle. I was hooked; I felt like I would become healthy and I had a support system behind me. After that first class, I joined World Gym and have been a devote participant in Total Body Sculpt for the last two years. I have changed my outlook on being healthy; I modify what I eat, lost 15 pounds, and have not only gained confidence, but also muscle.


I have referred a total of 15 people to join World Gym just to try out Shannon’s class. The class went from a class of 25 people to a class of 50 to 60 people. Shannon is welcoming to anyone that walks through the door. She modifies the moves and will individually help a client to make sure they are getting the best workout that they can. There is a line outside of the doors 20 minutes before class with other Total Body Sculptor’s that have changed their life and continue to go, or others who are just beginning. We are a community, a support system for anyone who thought they could not do it!


Receiving compliments on how much I have changed my lifestyle I can thank Shannon Connor’s for being my role model and helping me when I thought that no one would. Shannon is more than just a gym instructor. She is a role model and always willing to answer any questions. She has changed her lifestyle and is a true example of how hard work, dedication and support look like. Having the opportunity to work closely with her for the last two years, I would love to see her influence more lives the way she has mine. Shannon goes above and beyond her job title, and lives, breathes, and works towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Lauren A