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Shannon Connors is a 51 year-old personal trainer from Lancaster, New York. In addition to owning her fitness studio, she has her Physique Pro card from WNBF, is a certified Elementary education teacher who teaches 2nd grade in a local school district. She is a mom of 5 kids - Em, Grace, Maggie, Michael and Will and the happy wife of Hersh.


She has been a certified fitness instructor for over 20 years and is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Sports Nutritionist with mutiple certifications in Bootcamp, Core and Weight resistance classes.


Being a Certified Personal Trainer for the last 10 years, Shannon has worked with hundreds of men and women and helped them change their life and make their fitness and health a priority!


Shannon is extremely passionate about fitness and the clients she trains. Shannon is constantly playing an active role in her clients lives, even after training has ended. Unlike other online programs, Shannon is a real person with real experience and will serve as that push, when you need it most.

            HOW IT WORKS


Once you sign up for a personalized fitness and nutrition plan, Shannon will send you a short questionaare to gather more information about the types of goals you have set for yourself. Once Shannon has reviewed your answers, she will create a exercise and diet regimine tailored to your specific needs, because every body is different! After you have recieved your personalized plan, Shannon will be your coach behind the screen. You can email her anytime with questions, certain exercises to target a specific area, or if you just need some inspiration. Shannon will ask you for some weekly updates such as: transformation pictures, measurements, and body weight. All of this is vital, as diet and excersise regimens may change as your body does!


Shannon's Certifications:


Certified Personal Trainer, CPT

AFAA Certified Group Instructor

Bootcamp, PowerCore and Step

Certified Sports Nutrition 

ACSM Group Fitness Instructor 

MS ED. Spec Education

BS ED Elementary Education 

Contact Shannon today to begin your journey to a healthier YOU! 

(716) 249-1083